UPDATE - 19 MAY 2021

Title Registration has been achieved on Riverwalk Stage 27!

Development Victoria is in the process of notifying your conveyancer and preparations can be made for settlement by no later than Wednesday 2nd June 2021.

If you have any questions about the above information, please send an email to

UPDATE - 13 MAY 2021

Development Victoria is pleased to confirm that Statement of Compliance has been issued for Stage 27 at Riverwalk.

The Plan of Subdivision will shortly be lodged at Land Use Victoria for registration, with titles expected by late-May 2021. Please note that this timeframe is only an estimate and dependent on Land Use Victoria.

Further notification will be provided once Titles have been issued. Purchasers are reminded that you have 14 days from Title Registration Notification to arrange settlement, however you may arrange with your conveyancer to book settlement earlier.

If you have any questions about the above information, please send an email to

Civil Construction Progress

construction commences
construction complete
Includes design, authority approvals, tender and audit works.
Re-shaping of the ground to allow construction of roads and drainage connection to each lot. Estimated timeframe 4-6 weeks.
sewer and
Provision of a sewer connection to each lot and underground drainage system. Estimated timeframe 8 weeks.
water and gas
Provision of water and gas pipeline connections to each lot. Estimated timeframe 3-4 weeks.
Developing a firm material base underneath roads and footpaths. Construction of kerbs and drains to enable channels from stormwater to travel to underground drainage system.
electrical and nbn
Electrical cabling and NBN to enable internet connection for each lot.
and roads
Footpaths, asphalt, topsoiling and road completion.
Completion of the construction works.

Title Registration Progress


100% - Complete

Contact made by Development Victoria to purchaser's legal representatives / conveyancers to initiate settlement process (settlement can occur at any time up to 14 days after title registration is achieved). Soil testing by builders can be undertaken at this point.

Title registration
75% - Complete

Document lodged to Land Titles Victoria to enable title registration. Estimated timeframe for title registration following lodgement 10-14 days. Bank valuations can be undertaken at this point.

statement of
50% - Complete

Document received from local council confirming construction has been completed in accordance with approved plans developed by the relevant authorities.